The Ender

I finished reading Ender's Game Friday after work, because what else would I be doing after a long week at work? To be fair, I was reading at a bar, and I do believe that I put on lipstick.

I absolutely adored the book, and looked into what the casting situation is for the movie set to come out a year from now. Ender will be played by Asa Butterfield, the kid from Hugo which I didn't see so I can't make an opinion. What I'm really excited about is the rest of the cast:
  • Harrison Ford as Col. Graff (!)*
  • Abigail Breslin as Ender's beloved sister, Valentine (!!!)
  • Hailee Steinfeld as Petra (!!!)
  • Ben Kingsley as Mazer Rackham (!!)
  • Viola Davis as Major Anderson (!)
This is such an all-star cast, and I can't wait to see what they do with the story!

*My level of excitement can be determined by how many exclamation points used. (!!!!)


  1. If you want more Card, I would suggest you skip speaker for the dead and move to "Pastwatch" which is about time travel and Christopher Columbus. Don't read any reviews or synopses. Just jump right in. Then get out of sci-fi fast before you become a me...

    1. why skip Speaker for the Dead? i just pust Pastwatch at the top of my to-read list, but i was actually about to start Speaker tonight... i'm a little obsessed with Ender right now...

    2. All of this advice is coming from my adolescent memory. I think I found speaker for the dead boring after ender. But I was 13. Pastwatch isn't the best book ever, it's just another Card book that is interesting. If you really find yourself liking sci-fi we can talk more in depth about the ABCDs of sci-fi (Asimov, Bradbury, Clarke, Dick). You may not want to do that in public, as you are just asking for a cool kid to break your glasses.

    3. Okay, let's talk more ABOUT SPORTS AND MUSIC AND OTHER STUFF THAT ISN'T SCI-FI at a later date. my background in sci-fi is limited, but very appreciative. oh, did i say sci-fi? i meant, making my own macaroons and scones.

  2. From another Sci-Fi nerd...don't skip Speaker!! It's very different, but it's a lot deeper in many ways, and I thought it was excellent. So glad you loved the book :-)