Just In Case...

Yesterday, Matt and I upgraded our phones! I got the new iPhone, and I'm probably most excited about picking out a new case. There are so many good choices out there. Here are my current faves:

As seen in HGTV Mag - Neapolitan Stripe Custom iPhone 4 Case  with Name or Monogram - choose your own color
Neopolitan Stripe, by Pencil Shavings Studio ($39.99) *customizable

Chevron IPhone 4/4s case Choose your Color Pattern Geometric Arrows Modern Tribal pink orange blue gray
Chevron, by luulla ($36)

Scales iPhone Case
Scales, by Steven Womack ($35)
detail shot
Tortoise Snap Case, by InCase ($34.95)

ban.do iphone case
Heart, ban.do ($25)

It's too hard to choose! Help!


  1. SCALES! All the way. Chevron a distant second and everything else, bleh.

  2. I agree on the scales--it's my fave. Funny though, you've noted a few that I've bookmarked for myself... you have very good taste! :-)

    1. alright, this settles it. i had basically narrowed it down to scales and tortoise, so i'm going with the majority vote here. THANKS!

  3. GAH! This makes me want an iPhone even more! I like them all, but I have to go with Matt and say scales or chevron. I think you've already picked though.

    1. i did already pick the scales, but i still appreciate your affirmation :)

      now that instagram is available on android, i'd say the cases are one of the coolest things about the iphones. can you tell i'm not much of a tech geek?