Benito's Hot Sauce

I went to my good friend Jenny's home town for the annual Bolton Fair and had an absolute blast. Between the tightrope walking, hog races, martial arts demos, barnyard animals and local craft vendors, I got to sample a few local food products.

I'm most excited about using the Benito's Hot Sauce that we discovered. I like hot foods, so I bought one of the spicier flavors - Benito's Original Naranja - which, according to the site, is an "all natural blend made with organic orange habaneros, fresh orange bell peppers, garlic, carrots and white onions." He had several other interesting flavors that I'm sure I'll try at some point. (And just FYI, Benito was there - in the flesh - and he is a very nice guy!)

I'm trying to get better at cooking meals without recipes, so if you have a favorite use for hot sauce, please share it with me!

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  1. It was great to meet you. Really glad you dug the sauce. Try searing a nice piece of Atlantic Salmon in a pan with a lil bit of extra virgin olive oil. If you sear ir just right for a minute and a half on each side, it will develop a nice crust. Then spread the naranja over top of the fish and you have a delectable meal that is very low in salt and sugar!..Enjoy. - Ol'Benito