Best Sunday Ever

Yesterday ended up being the Best Sunday Of My Life for the following reasons:

1. I saw The Hunger Games! I went with 5 friends - two married couples, and one "lonely heart" like me whose husband is too cool for young adult novels. Going to the movies with friends is the best shot of nostaligia I can have. Brings me back to my middle and high school glory days when, if you picked the right line at the concession stand, you could smile enough at the nerdy boy working that he'd upgrade your small popcorn with extra butter to a medium popcorn with extra, extra butter.

2. Mad Men returned! Chumba Wumba and I watched the previous four seasons on Netflix, so this will be the first time we'll have to exercise patience and wait 7 whole days for our Don Draper fix. At least there's this to help make the wait less tortuous:

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