Okay, so after my wonderful afternoon, I had a not-so-wonderful late afternoon. I like to switch bags, because a bag is an essential component of any outfit. (Actually, the reality is that I require a ha-yuge bag during the work week and like to downsize somewhat on the weekends. Quite simple.)

Anyways, I came home from my lovely jog, and realized I didn't have my apartment keys. And what does Chumba Wumba do on Mondays? Oh, he just works until really late at night.

So I called my landlord and he left work to help me out, but it turns out my landlord doesn't have a working key to our apartment. Normally, I'd like that - but today, not so much. I text Chumba Wumba at work and ask if he has any idea when he will return home to rescue me. The answer is not good, but then, he comes up with the most brilliant idea ever...

Why don't I try to break in through the window from our back porch, which goes into our bedroom, meaning it's probably open because we like to sleep with the fresh air?!?!

It worked, with minimal effort, and I am forever grateful. Even when I have an idea in my head of how he'll save the day (a.k.a. dropping whatever he's doing to come let me into our apartment), he's able to both surprise me, and still save the day. He's just the best.

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