Exercising My Mind

Okay, another gorgeous day, another gorgeous afternoon spent along The Charles. It's really one of my favorite places in Boston. Except today, rather than jog, I just sat on a sunny bench and read for an hour or so. I had a salad for dinner, so skipping exercise is okay, right? (Ranch dressing calories don't count if they're on lettuce. Duh.)

In case you're curious, I'm reading Swan Song by Robert McCammon right now, which was a recommended to me because I really like some of Steven King's novels. I'm struggling a little with McCammon's novel because it has so many parallels to King's The Stand. Like, a bizarre amount of similarities. The biggest overall difference is that McCammon is much, much darker in his view of humanity. And I sort of dig that, so I'm racing through to read as much every day as possible.

(Also, in case you're curious, I'm sitting on the couch under my Mizzou blanket savoring my glass of wine and watching American Idol. I'm so glamorous!)


  1. I'm so glad you're blogging again! I just took it up again too, for the umpteenth time. :) This weather has been insanely gorgeous but I have been tied to my desk cranking away at a nutty deadline. Your posts about enjoying the weather are motivating me to get the heck out there and get some air, deadlines be damned! :)

  2. thanks, raquel - i'm so glad you're back in the saddle, too! that jog was the first time i was actually alone with just my thoughts, and it inspired me to start doing that more. (not jogging, just thinking without distractions. jogging's the worst!)

  3. I have never jogged, and recently my foot surgeon told me to avoid all high-impact exercise like running/jogging. I am relieved that now I have a medical excuse to justify my never running and don't just have to fall back on "I'm lazy." :) We should get together, miss you!