Oops! I went to the mall a 10,000 things accidentally came home with me!

Here's a sampling of what I bought...

That's... pink suede Nine West pumps, kelly green (and tangerine!) skinny jeans, polka dot flats, black blazer with white trim (and a blue one, too!). Not pictured: printed cropped pants from Loft, blue short-sleeved sweater with adorable shoulder buttons, coral tank top, gray-and-white striped tee, and yellow and camel loafers.

Spring's always been the worst season for my wardrobe, so I'm trying to get up-to-speed.


  1. That's quite a haul!! My spring shopping extravaganza wasn't nearly as successful, but still so much fun to update the closet when a new season rolls around. Where did you get your colored skinny jeans? I am still looking for good ones!

  2. i got mine from ideeli one day last week, and they're Puzzle brand. i did a quick search online to see where else they can be found, and nothing really came up. they're a really soft denim, and because they were from ideeli, they came at a great price. not sure if i would spend a lot on such a trendy thing, but i'm loving them right now!

  3. Those green pants looked FABULOUS on you, too. Only very special people can pull off green pants--you're a lucky lady!!

    1. Ooh - thanks, Ash! I wanted to impress Gale so I wore something that would stand out.

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